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SpinnerChief not starting after install.

ReplyThanks 2019/10/01 07:24:45 0 0
I just installed the new SpinnerChief v.6 from WhiteHatBox and when I click run nothing happens. I tried to start it from the install location but again it's not starting the program. I even paused the Kaspersky antivirus , again not starting. Any idea? Thanks
2019/10/05 19:19:44
I have the same problem,any solution for this?
Lily Brown
2019/10/11 14:13:03
Please delete the files in the Fonts folder in the software directory and try again.
2019/10/12 01:00:33

Maaaan. I have EGG on my face. I tried everything in my knowledge power and I couldn't find the solution.


Thanks Lily....

It works

Lily Brown
2019/10/15 14:00:48
Thank you for your feedback.
2019/10/24 04:22:09
Hey, I tried the method proposed by Lily but I'm still getting the error message on running the program. (Login Failed: Input string was not in a correct format)

Please help me out. :(

Lily Brown
2019/10/24 14:13:00
Please make sure your network connection is normal, and Login Failed error is a prompt to verify the software.
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