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What nonsense with receiving mail (Recieve Email Action)?

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I do not understand the algorithm of this action. Could you explain to me?

I need to extract the body of the letter from the sender [email protected]

I have a letter dated October 22 in my inbox.

These are the ones I use settings.

I use these settings. Scrape 15 letters, and save the sender and subject of the letter in variables, the settings for access to mail are correct (IMAP protocol).

And here is the letter I get.

If you find this letter in your inbox, the date it was received is July 11th.

Sometimes he finds nothing at all, although there are letters in the mailbox.


Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/11/14 20:03:48
Ok, I think I get it. Letters are checked from oldest to newest.
Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
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