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Lucciani Longobardi

AIO Spotify Help

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Hello, I basically want to know everything I need to know in order to successfully manage accounts for plays, saves, follows and playing from playlists.

Are there any videos I can watch that explain a few things I'm interested in knowing?

Do I have to change proxies and if so, how often?

Is it better to use your proxy service for the proxies?

Is there a way to isolate proxies that don't work to only use the ones that are validating?

These questions and more, but I am patient if someone is willing to type the answers over time so that I can digest the information effectively. Videos work as well. Thanks in advance and I love your software.

2019/12/04 17:18:25

Yes here is tutorials:


You can change the proxy when it cannot work anymore. We suggest you use fixed proxy to your account to avoid verification from Spotify.

If the proxy is invalid, software can automatically ignore it, and start to run the next account.

Under Account Management tab, you can set a search your proxy using a search condition. Click the inverted triangle icon under Proxy column to choose "Custom.. "option to set the filter condition.

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