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The lack of rotating proxy support in PVA Creator

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Hello whitehatbox support team,

I've tried to use proxies from proxyrack.com with PVA Creator and it seems to me that your software does not support residential proxies. The debug window opens and then your software just starts to highlight the username and the password field without any typing and it can do it over and over again till I push the button Stop. So what is the reason for that? The captcha window doesn't appear and PVA creator just gets stuck in endless circle of attempting to type something. I 've tested everything with data center proxies and all worked fine. By the way I saw the guide on smartproxy.com on how to use their proxies with your software, that means that PVA creator can support this type of proxies.

2019/12/26 10:42:28

Which version of PVACreator are you using please?

Try to bind the proxy to your browser and test if the captcha can be loaded successfully. If the registration page has loaded successfully, which means the proxy works in the software.

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Waiting for your news.

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