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TrafficBotPro-V2 tasks don't work!!! =(

ReplyThanks 2020/05/10 02:27:30 0 0
How can i do this?

I'm looking for a keywords on YouTube, for example, “Music.” And I’m going to the video from the link.

youtube - keyword - my video / I tried to do the tasks but all the time I get errors

Similar to Google module (google - keyword - my site),

Dora Smith
2020/05/27 13:50:47
Sorry, there is no Youtube module in TrafficBotPro.

Currently TrafficBotPro has Google/Amazon/Bing/Yahoo/Ebay, it can also browse your webiste directly.

It only can used to view videos.

If you want to view videos based on keywords, you can chosoe another software(TubeAssistPro).

If you're interested in it, you can visit following address for more details.


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