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Harvey Norman

How To Post from Google Alerts to Blog & Setup Custom Blog

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1. I've followed the documentation of Content Bomb but I can't seem to get CB to post from google alerts to blogs.

The documentation shows section by section but how to connect each section together to get it to work is not clear. We need some tutorial on this.

2. How to post to custom blogs using BotChief? There's no info in the documentation about this. Is this a functional feature at the moment?

Need better guides on ContentBomb, it's quite confusing. At least record a few videos showing the process of setting up things from start to end, so we understand how it works.

Harvey Norman
2015/08/28 02:11:39

1. step A: create a Google Alerts Source

step B: create a new template and use the Google Alert source in this template

step C: create a submit task and select the template you create

2. This function will be added in future update.

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