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Go to Forum and View Help buttons not working on Content Bomb

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I purchased Spinnerchief 4 Ultimate and it comes with a limited version of Content Bomb but I have a problem with "Go to Forum and View Help" buttons. Wheniclick on any of those 2 nothing happens. And also in Spinner Chief when the first page pops up for thesaurus loading when I click on any of the tutorial videos the message box pups up saying either to copy the link or open with IE. I know it's not a WhiteHatBox error because I tried installing both of the programs on my laptop and all works fine and triggers the Chrome browser. On Both machines I have Windows 7 Ultimate and It's something in my settings or processes i guess.

I would appreciate any help


2015/10/11 23:31:19
I have checked that and both of the two buttons will open a link in your browser. Please reinstall this program and try again.
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