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Blaise Thompson

How many visits does it take to get into the center of a tootsie pop

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So I'm trying to get a single page action after I click on page I want an ad click on some and an action to click on the site and bring out the pop up. Ps how many visits a day can you make ?
Blaise Thompson
2021/01/03 02:10:25
If you are not understanding. Can I use bot chief for this? Or can I create an action on the page. If I'm able to create one action mm my pop up will come up. I just use on click pop under and I want them to be seen
Dora Smith
2021/01/05 16:31:29

There is no limit to the traffic. It is usually recommended to increase the traffic gradually.

You can contact us via following address for more details.


Or you can contact our development department colleague to customize to develop this function based on your own needs.


Email:[email protected]

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