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Purchased logo [vasko456 - API Paid user expire at 2999/09/09]

ReplyThanks 2016/06/14 23:31:28 0 0
I did it and now I just can't implement it to my website I have MainWP plugin and i just dont get to use spinnerchief.. My email is [email protected].... or [email protected] or.....Please respond
2016/06/15 00:54:32

Hi, you mean you have registered an account on http://account.spinnerchief.com ? And cannot use that account?

If there is special char in your password that maybe lead a wrong in api program. So only use 0-9 and a-z in your password.

2016/06/15 06:35:05
It asks me to insert IP and Port to use the spinner chief API and as far as i know I tried api.spinnerchief.com:9001 and api.spinnerchief.com:433 + my username and login pass. But I get error message saying that it can't connect to spinner chief server to use the API in my Wordpress (MainWP plugin settings) . What login credentials should i put there to use the API
2016/06/15 23:04:26

There is a connection problem between your server and our server, i have checked our API server, it works perfect.

Please go to check your server, or can you log in this site with your account: http://account.spinnerchief.com and you must activate the curl information in your wordpress.
2016/06/16 16:54:44
It's not my server. I use Namecheap for my hosting. And how do I activate curl in WP? Please advise.
2016/06/17 01:52:22

I think you'd better ask the MainWP support about how to set SpinnerChief in MainWP, they should know this better than us.

And I am sure MainWP works with SpinnerChief, because some others users are using it too.

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