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Add execure action and step forward

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In using BotChief developer and I have noted that it is a nice editor, and there a action that can greatly improve efficiency of debugging scripts, I would like to automatically move to the next instruction after running a step. This would reduce the process of manual debugging to one mouse click per step and without a mouse move or extra clicks. I am sure that when you think about it that this will improve productivity for developer by being able to focus only on the debug window and avoid losing focus by having the select the next step. You can see the mock up I have put in the menu. I feel this would make the debugger more enjoyable to use. Thanks in advance.

2017/01/03 02:56:18
Hi, very thanks for your suggestion. Actually we have this similar function. If you want to test the actions one by one, you can Add Breakpoint for your first action, and then click the Run to Next Action, it will run the next actions one by one.

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