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Paid SpinnerChief Ultimate + ContentBomb. But ContentBomb loaded as "FREE"

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I've bought SpinnerChief Ultimate Edition, (with ContentBomb license, as it written at your sale page)

Have question:
SpinnerChief running like paid, all ok.
but when I'm loading ContentBomb - it running like a Free license.
Please turn it on as paid in my account.

P.S Writing post here, because there is no answer via e-mail

thanks in advance for your answer .

2017/02/21 21:40:12
Hi, the Content Bomb is free as bonus, and the version for it is Spinnerchief Special Version, the function of this version is more than the free version.

2017/02/22 08:02:22
hm.. So I need to buy Contentbomb License to use it with full options?
2017/02/22 09:51:50

ok, paid for ContentBomb License.

After I've pay for software, I've got:

Please download WhiteHatBox App software at http://download.whitehatbox.com/whitehatboxsetup.exe
Then install and run WhiteHatBox software.
After run whitehatbox, please go into "Content Softwares" folder to download ContentBomb Pro Version - Subscription,
then you can use ContentBomb Pro Version - Subscription in WhiteHatBox App.
Here is the introduction about how to use and install software in WhiteHatBox >>

But when I run WhiteHatBox , I can't see any ""ContentBomb Pro Version - Subscription "" in Content Softwares .

Only this : https://gyazo.com/3d84d3ab25714b9f9bf0485d541187f5

If I try to download contentbomb, I'm still getting FREE ContentBomb!
2017/02/22 22:10:36
Please download this program first. When you run this program, you can input you paid serial number on the Login page.

Have a nice day!!!

2017/02/24 01:56:30


Kindly ask you, please make a refund for ContentBomb. This software completely not the thing I've expected for.

thanks for understanding
2017/02/27 01:02:14
Is there any problem for ContentBomb? We are glad to help you solve it. If you need to refund, you can send your PayPal/payment account to [email protected] attached with your question, the support will help you solve it asap.
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