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Video Tweeter software totally unusable and no support !

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Sorry in advance for my level of English, the French are often bad in foreign languages. I am a former and loyal customer of whitehatbox.

I have already purchased the following software:

  • Spinnershief ultimate edition
  • Following like ultimate Edition
  • Tweetattacks ultimate edition

and recently

  • Video Tweetter ultimate edition

in order to automate all the editing and publishing workflow on Youtube.

I already made a bug report the day after the purchase of Video Tweeter about the function "Video Creator" in the section "online data source manager" .In fact, we can not generate a "video template" without fatal error.


My ticket dates from 2018/04/14 22:05:44 and there is no support or bug resolution since this bug report.

In the meantime I have detected another critical bug with the "Video Spiner" function. I use only the demonstration "materials" provided by you and the task fails after run.

Concretely in the state I can absolutely nothing automate what was still the goal of depart.The software is completely useless while it has yet interesting potential which is very frustrating.

There is no regular update as on "followinglike".When I look at the dedicated forum, I deduce that "Video Tweeter" is much less sold than following like for example and that there is an impact on the support and roadmap of your developers.

I wanted to buy other software (aiostream, tube assist pro ..) and advise your software to the French webmarketing community but saw the support on critical bugs I give up for the moment.

Thank you for the attention paid to my dissatisfaction.I hope you will answer professionally.

2018/06/06 11:18:04

So sorry for the inconvenience dear,

We missed your mail accidentally, so we do not reply to you in time.

Did you try to re install this software please? Did you update it to the newest version please?

Also did you try to run this software in your another computer? we never get this error from our other customers.

Waiting for your news.

2018/12/20 01:27:42

The same thing happens to me once, I purchase the package under "$7 for 3 days", installed it and access I receive this code.


I hope they can fix it under 2 days, at least I have 1 day to try.

2018/12/20 18:25:37
Can i know what operation you are doing before this error happens? I will inform our programmer to help you check it soon.
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