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Botchief Automation - Keeping a session between modules and forms

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What do I need to do to be able to keep a session alive in a module and or between forms and tabs?

For example, I want to use a module to automatically log into a WordPress site, (which is trivial to do), but then I want to go to the log in page on the web form and let the user choose to use another run a module say to clean up spam or install plugins etc by pressing a from button and then return control back to the users web browsers form.

I know I can scrap all the cookies from a module to a table but I can only write one item at a time to a session. This mean writing a write loop to each module/form every time I enter and exit a module a form.

Is there some way to do this efficiently or can Whitehatbox write a function in Bbotchief to write an entire table to a session?

Also, it would be nice to scrape the webbrower form for the current URL.

Also, if a call another module from a module is that like a subroutine using the same session?

Thanks for everybody's help in advance.


2018/08/02 17:39:52

Sorry for the late reply.

Let me talk this with the programmer, please wait for the news.

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