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Can you use Gmail accounts to send emails?

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couple questions on this program. All Gmail related

Can I use Gmail accounts and their servers to send email?

If I can, could I use a certain email address I specify such as [email protected]?

Gmail has a sending limit. am I able to set the program to say 300 emails per account?

Do any of the other mailers that you offer a way to check and remove emails that Bounce?

I would like to use the software to test a list of 200,000 employees and remove the emails that bounce. I welcome any feedback
2018/12/20 17:07:13

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes you can use their service to send mail. Yes you can use this account.

Yes here is a sending limit in this software. Yes EmailSendMaster has the check and remove bounce email function.

Let us know if you need more help.

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