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Ref Proxy Scraper

ReplyThanks 2019/04/12 22:10:19 0 0


I see the proxy scraper has been updated today and it does seem to work very well.

What I am not sure of is does it auto and test automatically?

2019/04/12 22:12:30

What I mean IS does it auto update and test the refreshed proxies?


2019/04/16 00:30:08
It seems to work but why does it say proxy null when I run the software no matter what type of proxy I use. However it goes through the process like it’s working, it loads and clicks like it’s supposed to. But I see no increase in traffic... Am I doing something wrong? Or is the bot not functioning properly
2019/04/16 00:32:30
One more question is there a limit as to how many proxies can be used?
2019/04/19 18:06:53

Sorry it cannot. If you need refresh proxy, you need to do the scrape again. Once it searched out proxies, then software will use proxies in turn.

Did you click both save button please? One is in proxy settings form, and the other one is in the main form of the software.

You can set a limit for the hits today.

Can i know why you need to limit the proxy please?

Waiting for your news.

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