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Blaise Thompson

This software is definitely made in china

ReplyThanks 2019/06/27 09:24:02 1 0
There is no way that my program hasn't worked for a week. There has been problem after problem. I just haven't been able to access the program from time to time. I'm getting an error message when I log in. it says cant connect to the network. this is ridiculous I download a vpn and this didn't help. Then captcha is out. Theres a message that says it doesn't work because of a network problem. So after that. I'm angry. And thje customer service is terrible. Hopefully they'll figure out their own program.
Lily Brown
2019/06/27 16:12:23
Have you installed your software in Whitehatbox App?
If so, first close all your software from Whitehatbox,
backup the AppFile file in your Whitehatbox folder,
then delete the Whitehatbox file,
download the new version of Whitehatbox on this page:https://www.whitehatbox.com/
and copy the contents of the backup AppFile file to the AppFile file in the new Whitehatbox folder.
Blaise Thompson
2019/06/28 02:20:18
I have the program installed. It’s giving me an error message when I click on the word captcha so I can’t select manual or death by captcha
Lily Brown
2019/06/28 16:41:30

You don't have to set up the captcha service by clicking on the word captcha. You just need to add a campaign and fill in the required information according to the data description.

And 2 Captcha service is usually used in the software.

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