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WHB connection is extremely slow!

ReplyThanks 2015/01/16 08:12:22 0 0

My WhiteHatBox software is barely connecting to the server and almost can't install updates.

Three little squares in the lower right corner are always flashing in red/yellow color meaning it can't connect.

I can't update the applications. It takes me 3-4 hours to update just one application with a lot of interruptions.

I almost can't access the WhiteHatBox site as well. It's aways loading. This all happens on my laptop with Windows 8.1 x64. While on my VPS I can easily connect.

What can be the issue?

2015/01/17 02:00:46

The problem should be the network from your home pc to our server is not so good.

Our server is in USA, where are you from?

Let's ROCK!
2015/01/17 08:33:14

I'm in Italy.

In fact my VPS based in USA works just fine.

But my home PC based in Italy just won't connect! I can't access your site at all for 3 days now nor I can't update the applications inside the WhiteHatBox.

I'm not using any proxies by the way.

How can I solve the problem?

2015/01/19 10:42:26
Can you use a USA VPN ?
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2015/01/19 13:13:02

The connection is OK now.

Not sure what has happened.

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