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When i put Spin content in answer and if the spin copy is larger than 1000 words, which it will be; program doesnt accept it, to make an answer look important, i want to utilize full 1000 words or at least 950 words, but system doesnt allow to take spin, is it possible that i can upload answers from a txt file, where i write ans each in new line. and tool can take 1 answer at a time from it. ?

You can give 2 upload options, in one i can add many answers in each line

and second for source, where i can add urls of home page and inner page both. through this way i can get links for internal urls also.

Let me know.

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2015/05/15 02:06:43
what is your mean about urls of inner page? can you please give an example.
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2015/05/15 05:45:07

Yes, below are example -




If i want to use all of above links one by one in source how do i do it?

You can give here message function like we have in TAP3 where we can upload tweets after spinning.

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2015/05/15 23:03:10

Not sure if I understand very well. I guess you want to spin these link to use?

You can put link like this {link1|link2|link3} in source, then it will be used randomly.

And also if you add multi-answers/questions in one category, the answer/question will be used randomly too.

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2015/05/16 02:32:47
Okay, got it, thanks
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2017/09/07 20:44:11
Great answer...
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2020/06/02 17:48:24

As of now you cannot do that. I tried it but failed.

The free version of AnswersChief does not allow more than 600 words I guess.

What you can do is break your text into 2 different parts if they are longer than 1000 words and spin each part at a time.

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