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Why watch task doesnt use proxy and account?

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can you tell me Why watch task doesnt use proxy and account?

As you can see below its not using, and watch task is also not giving ques as per keyword mentioned in setting. this is may be bez it doesnt use acc and proxy?

It scrape some unrelated question which didnt have the keyword which i mentioned.

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2015/05/21 22:25:16

Hi, shashankscg. Watch task use http request to browse YahooAnwsers' question page, and scrape the newest question from html. So you needn't to login account and use proxy. If in your watch task where it haven't keyword you want, then you can look at this option in watch task settings, if you select 'all', the problem in detail contains keyword that will be scraped.

2015/05/22 08:18:49
Hi, Watch new question task is still not working. i get it that if i need a keyword in title i need to choose that, but now its running but not scraping any ques. pl check.
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2015/05/23 06:24:52

What is your task settings, please post a picture of the watch task settings.

If the watch task was working and stop working now?

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