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PVA Creator 2.9.3 MD5 error cannot complete download

ReplyThanks 2021/02/08 07:12:13 0 0
Hello, if I try to download the updated version, I get this error after the download is completed, please fix this issue
2021/02/08 07:22:00
Found by myself: it was the Windows defender which blocked the update. Disabled it, the updated finished, then re-enabled the antivirus.
2021/02/26 21:20:01
My anti virus keeps uninstalling PVA Creator because the pva.exe has the Trojan.GenericKD.36370395? I've also tried different spyware detection software that detects the same thing?
Mike Lowrey
2021/04/05 11:25:38

fuck yeah u are my hero! :p

i uninstall and install it again over 10x times..

fuckin windows defender is the key - deactivate, and it will work.

2024/04/30 00:05:32
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