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Flipped classroom: 5 apps that will help you turn the class around

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It is important to remember that the "flipped classroom" ( Flipped Classroom ) changes the typical "buy essays online" process. The teacher performs traditional classroom instruction, the student learns and reinforces the concepts assimilated.

In this new perspective, the process is reversed (from where it takes its name); before class, the student acquires knowledge through educational tools, many of the web 2.0, and then during the class period, the student, together with the teacher, consolidate the topic through learning activities.

In this new inverse process, technology is a cornerstone to achieve favorable results for students; that is why I present you with 5 apps that you can use in your activities as a flipped teacher.

All the applications presented have the option of free use and display a large number of useful functionalities for the flipped classroom model; if you want to exploit the capabilities of each one fully, you have the option to purchase different plans; the prices are Listings as of February 2019.

A good way to convey the concepts in the flipped classroom model is through a video, but this does not have to be the traditional format where the student only “looks and listens,” for this, I present Edpuzzle.


It is an application that allows you to maximize the use of videos for learning since you can take a video or part of it and insert questionnaires in many types of questions: closed, open, selection, to name a few.

In addition, you can record a voice of the video and keep a record of the student's progress about the content of the video; it even allows you to link records with Google Classroom, an application that helps with the management of a course.

Some will think about the time it takes to record and edit a video. Edpuzzle allows you to use videos from places like YouTube, Khan Academy, National Geographic, and other sites, making the task easier. Its free version allows you to do many things with a storage limit; as its use is formalized, you can buy a formal version for the US $ 8.50 per month.

Now, if what is needed is to create the video easily and practically, I present you ScreenCast (find at https://studyessay.org/blog/discursive-essay/).


This application allows you to create, edit and save videos easily and intuitively; in its basic version, it does not require further installation on the user's computer; it works from the browser. For example, it allows you to take video screen captures where the teacher can explain a lesson using their webcam and with the help of an Excel spreadsheet or a Powerpoint presentation.

Together, it allows you to carry out a basic edition and then download or share the material created. As I mentioned, it has the advantage that everything can be started from the screen of our Web browser; you only need a camera and microphone.

Its free version has some restrictions, such as a watermark and limitations in editing and publishing. If you want to use an option with greater freedom, you can use a Deluxe version for the US $ 1.50 per month.

But the flipped classroom model goes beyond the videos; before the class, the teacher can share with the students documents such as presentations, documents, or electronic sheets with information that the student can use to learn and interact; I present to you: Google Drive.

Google Drive

It is a service of the Google company for hosting files in the cloud; it allows accessibility by any device of documents of all kinds; currently allows you to store 15 GB for free and has the advantage that it allows you to update documents automatically.

In other words, you can work from your home computer. If you have the option activated, everything will be synchronized in the cloud to continue with your work with a laptop or even a smartphone from another location.

A widely used benefit of Google Drive in a flipped classroom is sharing files with students and allowing easy editing. In this way, the student reads and interacts, and creates content, working collaboratively with the teacher and classmates.

Google Drive also allows you to quickly search for files and is linked to Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations services that have similar functions to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint with the advantage of working online, saving in the cloud for security, and having free access.

Of course, if you need more storage space and other options, you can hire a plan for the US $ 1.99 per month for 100GB.

Communication and feedback are basic for any education model; through the internet, virtual spaces can be created where students and the teacher can exchange ideas and opinions on the course topics in a safe way; I present Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts

It is a multiplatform messaging application of the Google company; it allows you to create groups to interact synchronously or asynchronously through text, audio, or video chat.

It has the advantage of having wide accessibility from desktop computers to smartphones, Android, or IOS. The flipped classroom model is beneficial since the application allows sharing images, links, and recording videoconferences in addition to fluency in communication.

For example, as a teacher, you can give a live lesson, broadcast from a webcam, and share the display of any application on the screen; if properly configured, everything is recorded in a YouTube video that can be shared with the class students to have them review the topics.

The application is quite intuitive to use, so much so that it even allows you to start conversations from your email account if you have Gmail. Its basic version has many functionalities; the limitations are in the number of users that can connect at the same time and other peculiarities.

If you want an advanced version with many more functionalities and greater benefits with the integration of many more Google applications, you have the availability of contracting the Gsuite service from the US $ 5 per month.

The administration of learning resources and the control of student progress is necessary for every teaching model I present: GoClass.


It is an application that allows you to design, evaluate and control lessons in a course; you can record the student's progress in the lesson. It allows you to share documents, videos, and interactivities.

It generates many reports on the student's performance; together, it allows the planning and assignment of tasks before or during the class, making it ideal in the inverted model.

For example, a teacher can assign to watch a video before class and then take a questionnaire during the face-to-face class, which students answer from their mobile phones; both the teacher and the student can get instant feedback on the results.

This application can be accessed from a laptop or a smart device such as a phone or tablet. Its free version has limitations regarding the number of lessons and students that can be administered; if you want more options, you can purchase a package for the US $ 99.99 per year.

To facilitate the administration of users in the different applications, all those presented to particularity of being accessed from a single Google account, so a final recommendation is to have a Gmail account so as not to have to memorize different users and passwords in each application.

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