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Get questions task is not working

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Operating System:Windows Server 2008

Operating System Bit:32bit

Software Version:

I'm having 2 issues right now with the software. The first is that TBS is not working meaning that when I input my login credentials and put some text into the box at the bottom of the screen then click test, it just erases all of the text that I had there instead of spinning it. The same thing occurs when I try to spin a question/answer, it just erases what I put instead of spinning it.

The second and more important issue I am having is that the task to get questions is not working. It shows in the logs that it went to the page successfully but it never shows me any questions that it gathered, just a blank page always. Can you guys fix these issues?

2016/07/17 22:24:43

1. Please use x-spinner/spinnerchief, there is a bug for TBS, we will fix it asap, sorry for the inconvenience.

2. please send the screenshot of your task to us, we will check that.

2016/07/18 20:44:00

The problem I was originally having with answerschief was resolved after I realized I had to put more keywords in the watch questions task but now i've discovered a new problem when I am trying to post answers. The account will try to visit the questions page but the page never loads and instead it just shows a blank white page with some links while never fully loading the page. In the logs it just shows the account visiting the page and then it says immediately afterwards that it cannot post answer.

2016/07/18 23:44:05
Hello, please try to run your task without proxy. I think your proxy is not so good.
2016/07/19 15:06:00
I've tried it with several different proxies and without proxies alltogether and it's still giving me the same bs page. Obviously it's an error with the software..
2016/07/19 21:56:36

We will check it. Please wait for a moment.

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