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TwitterAccountManager Need update to confirm email

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Operating System:Windows 7

Operating System Bit:64bit

Software Version:


Twitter made an update, the changed the email subject name of the confirmation email, they use two different subject when they send the confirmation:

Subject 1: Confirm your Twitter Account

This is the old one, your software can confirm if the confirmation letter come with this subject

Subject 2 (new): Please verify your email address to use your new Twitter account

Most of the email come with this Subject so your software could not confirm the email

See this screenshot please: http://prntscr.com/ca2x6j

Please update your software to be able to confirm emails with both subjects.

Thank you!

2016/08/25 00:32:42
Very thanks for your feedback, we will go to check it. Thanks again.
2016/08/25 19:28:05

Any update on this?

2016/08/25 23:35:23

I have added this function to our work list, and the programmer will check it, if they can do it, they will update it in the future. Very thanks for your feedback.

Please post your thread on the related software's forum next time, thanks.

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