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requested a refund several times!

ReplyThanks 2018/02/18 16:12:22 2 0

I registered pvacreator for twitter (and wish I didnt) last month (Jan 14th)

now, its one month and 4 days and I still didnt get a working product as specified in your web site "pvacreator.com".

the problem ( as you know) is regarding :

1 creating accounts and marked them as successfully created.

2 process email verification for the accounts

your failed to get the above 2 important options fixed, and you have been asking me to wait and wait over and over again.. and still!!

now you are asking me to wait more for 10 days which you said a holiday in china!

I paid $113 and the transaction id is: 92W45692MF415141S

ticket 62780

2018/02/18 23:29:26
my key for was cancelled but I still didnt get the refund.. thought to let you know
2018/02/22 16:38:06

We are so sorry for the inconvenience and so sorry for the late reply.

We are back to work today. But our programmer takes 1 day off, he will back to work tomorrow.

So could you please wait for 1 day? Thank you in advance.

We already added the mail confirmation function. Did you check it please?

Sorry, i do not find the ticket in my side. Please make sure the ticket number is correct.

2018/02/22 16:51:50

I already replied to the ticket opened today..

the ticket number I mentioned above is Correct (62780)


as I mentioned in my reply, one day wont make a big different since I have been waiting for a month and 8 days

hope all will be ready by tomorrow.

Thank you.

2018/02/22 18:03:54

Yes. i see

We will contact you tomorrow. Thank you so much

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