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WhiteHatBox 2016/06/13 02:10:53 0 5
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AHMED EL SAYED 2024/05/31 00:46:01 0 0
Hello everyone,I'm considering purchasing lifetime licenses for several software programs and I want to ensure they are reliable. Specifically, I'm interested in the latest 2024 versions of the following:- WhiteHatBox.com- PVACreator.com- Aiostream.com- TubeAssistPro.com- TweetAttacksPro.com- JarveePro.com- MarketerBrowser.com- BotChief.com- FollowingLike.com-...
Michael Green 2023/12/30 13:49:30 0 0
I have had an ultimate yearly subscription for nearly six months now and cannot get this shit to work, everytime i attach a proxy and try to verify the account the chrome browsser says err too many retries. talked to support on telegram and they were really no fucking help. they told me too talk to proxy provider which i did, and that didnt help. i have tried with several other proxy providers and the outcome is the same. is it just me? is it the proxies ? im using residential ips and mobile pro...
mr miyagi_EWcE6 2020/09/19 06:09:07 0 0
Well, it looks like i will be having a great talk with customer support at 2am or 3am since it takes long to respond to a ticket. i always wake up to a response that either partially answers my questions or doesn't at all. Time to get lucrative!
tenstiks 2017/11/07 14:16:35 0 0
i cannot get any help to fix this problem!!! this has been going on for 2 days now!
juninho651 2022/06/09 11:09:17 1 0
I bought two followinglike licenses in December 2021 and it was working fine until last weekNow it doesn't work, it's not postingI've already opened a support ticket asking for help but it hasn't even been answered.I need urgent helpBefore it stopped working I was using version V3 4.2.1. That version stopped working as shown in the image belowAnd even updating to version not workingI don't know what else to do, home and reinstall and nothing workedNeed help
moon9211 2022/09/14 07:35:29 1 0
There is issue with the CladPin not working properly.It is still not autopopulating postal codes.It is still not uploading pictures.We have contacted support multiple times yet no solutions are provided and very poor customer service.We are wondering if there is any solution to these problems or if we should just look for another service/software that works properly.
Gareth Batai 2021/09/07 18:48:37 1 0
Hello, i'm using your apps, with yahoo speciality, i'm trying to create yahoo accounts, all accounts that i created can't access by imap, is it possible to set a value, or did i miss something?Thank you
nmaniac 2021/07/21 02:08:33 0 0
do2006 2020/07/27 08:18:40 0 0
Ok so today I finally was able to purchase pvacreator deluxe edition and when I went to sign in my deathbycaptcha account listed in the top tab. It let me add everything like normal now when I went to create outlook accounts it will verify them in logs but not in the actual account list and deathbycaptcha will not even solve the captchas and I do have captchas purchased. Now on top of all this the whole phone verification side wont work any one got any ideas.
topkashmiriyt 2020/07/23 01:49:14 0 0
i have installed new window on my pc. now my pva is not opening please help
mazda1023 2017/12/20 22:57:03 0 0
Where can I find the ApiKey fromdeathbycaptcha? I had created deathbycaptcha account but got no idea how to putthe API key in the program
Bot-Tester 2020/06/09 12:39:39 0 0
Buying aiostream but didnt get anything. Please solve my issue. I have created a ticket
No Cap Records 2020/04/14 03:30:34 0 0
Trying to run Spotify and it directs to spotify then direct right back to bot and register success with the green check. Something isnt right. The process start then abruptly stops! Contacted tech support but no help thinking maybe i need a refund
jcezar 2019/08/29 03:16:36 0 0
Hi,Facebook creator stay on step2 on this screen:...
leeki19920919 2019/06/30 15:17:08 0 0
Is there a Chinese version of “PVA creator”?
Vuong Le 2019/06/03 09:54:36 0 0
I am very sorry to you guys.  ...
leeki19920919 2019/02/21 20:07:30 0 0
Evans999 2019/01/22 23:52:50 0 0
Hi, i would like to know the steps to migrate your license from TAP4 to TAP3. Thanks
yosi7271 2018/12/07 21:27:39 0 0
hello i bought PAV Creator couple months ago its worked perfect until nexon.net Patch The Registration and seens then the Nexon Package Are not Working any more i get thse error everytime i trying to registerd "A system error has occurred. Please try again later. (Error 2024/1902)"altho its seems they patch mail.ru registration that everytime you registerd with mail.ru to nexon packagethe email confirmation goes to Spam Box and not to Inbox...
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