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All account get disabled after creating successfully

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I Used PVA creator to generate bulk google account .

but after the account get successfully created that every single created account get locked by google

we can't even recover it if that account locked once

How i Created account :-

i used custom proxy , useragent , custom data and tested both sms service ( getsmscode & smsPVA)

How i open that account after creation :-

i manage every proxy and useragent which is used to create that account

1 :- i change the proxy of my coputer to that proxy which is used to create that account

2:- change browser useragent to that useragent which is used to create that account

3 :- then open gmail to login

at first time every account get successfully opened gmail

but once you refresh that site the account get banned

any solution of this problem ?

personal opinion:- if this problem have no solution then there is no point to create account using this software and waste your money

2018/11/26 18:19:47

Did you enter your recovery email address during register? What is the block message in Gmail please?

I will talk this with our programmer and see if here is any solution for it. Please wait for the news.

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