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Is there a bugs thread yet?

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I have a couple of bugs to report, the purpose of a beta version....right? Anyways, the super replace just freezes up and is a real pain, lost a whole article because I can't edit or anything, just closes the program. I have a video but don't want to share with the masses.

The next thing is the extra spaces that it puts in the spintax using super replace. Spinnerchief eliminates these, but if I'm going to use the spintax somewhere else, will it work the same way? I have a screenshot of that as well...


2013/09/14 21:59:00
Hi, you can always report bugs at http://www.whitehatbox.com/bug/BugPosts?fid=3 for spinnerchief, we will check and fix it very soon once you report it. Thanks.
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