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Anyone Active On This Forum?

ReplyThanks 2013/09/18 19:56:04 0 0

I am getting a little frusterated with the mods here, no communication on this forum. I have posted many suggestions, bugs, etc... and no replies from anyone!! Working with SC3 again today and found a couple more problems.....

Should I state what they are? Who is going to listen? Go to GSA search engine ranker forum and see what a true dedicated team is like.... Questions are answered in minutes!!!!!!!!!

No suggestions thread, that's fine, but tell me that, or maybe an answer like:"We don't currently have one but that's a good idea, we will work on it" would have at least let me know that someone saw what I had to say and answered me.

As you can maybe tell...... a little..... A LOT frusterated. Will anyone see this post, I am not sure.

2013/09/19 01:08:18

Sorry for this, we were busy on the update of sc3 before. Now we will also spend more time on the forum :)

Here is the suggestion thread>>


And here is where to report bugs>>


we will keep to improve the software according to users' suggestion :)

Let's ROCK!
2013/09/19 06:53:41
Thank you, I love spinner chief and want to help make it better, I will dedicate my time (free of charge) to help any way I can.
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