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  • We bought AnswerEyeUltimate last year, and it didn't work for a very long time last year also this year, no update. And then you guys changed the name of the software, and give us a free upgrade which only allow 3 threads ? This is unfair,,,i bought a lot of software from other companies, like Kontent Machine, PinBlaster, GSA SER, GSA CB, they all update all the time, and they don't charge for the update or limit the function when update. Compare your price with these softwares, and the service/update you provided, you can check other threads on AnswerEyeUltimate forum, you guys didn't update for a long time last year. This is unfair. Also, i tried the software today, it failed to answer, all task show "Question Reason" Would you please explain what is "Question Reason"
  • 2015-09-30 10:02
  • JackLien
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  • Hi,  Look, i bind every yahoo account with a proxy. Also, i  am sure the proxy works well. and the account is brand new, but when i use them in answer eye ultimate , it shows "Accounts Invalid",,, so what is the problem ????
  • 2014-10-10 08:25