How to Systematically Learn SEO Technology

nicolos | 2016-10-19 03:59:13

SEO is the best way to get traffic for most sites, especially for some small and large sites such like B2C class sites, because there are more pages and more long tail keywords, with limited cost, so SEO is particularly important. So how to learn the best SEO, SEO is just external link? In fact, SEO learning is endless, systematic learning SEO is not a simple matter. Today, i will summarize some of my own insights and share with you.

First of all we must know what is SEO, that is to understand the basic indexing and crawling theory of search engines, indexing and ranking algorithm. In this stage, suggest you read some books about SEO, there are detailed introduction to the basic principles of search engines; Then build a website by yourself, including learn some CMS, dynamic language, sometimes SEO need batch operation; The last is to be detected and adjusted, and let your SEO knowledge to be verified, and constantly improve yourself.

Understanding the Basic Principles of Search Engines

Learning SEO, one need to read a lot of basic SEO knowledge, but where to learn these SEO knowledge? Is it in a lot of forums or download the system SEO tutorial? Is to participate in SEO training or watching video tutorials? In fact, each method have some merits, but I still suggest that you read some official content, such as Google website quality guidelines, there are many content related to search engine basic principles. These content let us know the reason, not the answer. We go to the site to learn SEO knowledge, which is spread by others, read these basic principles, it is our understanding, which is more important, I believe you have the standard in your mind.

A Thorough Understanding of Your Site

The second stage is a thorough understanding of your site, this stage you need to learn a lot of things, js, html, css, cms, asp or php, because SEO sometimes need to bulk operations, especially large sites, as long as you know strategy, the phenomenon can be manufactured. In addition, the optimization site must start from the inside, only if the content is in line with SEO, when the site changes into a large scale, it will save a lot of effort, will not take detours. Now many website owners use open source CMS, and some can not do the second development and modification, and can not completely do internal optimization, can only simply modify the title, this kind of SEO is the most simple, there are many thing need to be improved. When we know enough of our own website, then we can use our own SEO knowledge to optimize, minize the external interference, otherwise, when occur some problems, sometimes not a technical problem, but the problem of the program.

Test, Summary and Continue to Improve

The third stage is the test observation, when we know enough of our site, doing the internal SEO well, and understand the basic principles of SEO, then go to practice boldly, sum up and conduct judgment. So that you can thoroughly know what factors will affect the site included and ranking. So after a period of time, our SEO level will continue to improve. Sometimes, our own understanding of the SEO is different from the actual effect, at this time we need to adjust, which is the process to deepen our own judgments and improve ourselves. Throughout the SEO learning stage, this is the most practical, but also the most rewarding stage. When we doing SEO, with constant adjustment, three months a stage, SEO traffic is also rising with the adjustment, so many methods are from practice, our ability to improve is subtle.

SEO is not just like many webmasters think to do external link, if you go to accumulate external link and not to pay attention to other things, these external link will waste you a lot of time, efficiency is also not high, even if the rankings get up, it is only the search volume of this keyword. So long tail keywords is the core of website development. The long tail keywords need the multi-involved, it relates to the overall SEO, so it is the core and meaning of optimizing site.