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Software not working

ReplyThanks 2016/05/12 14:24:05 0 0
I am unable to get any task to work. i have loaded accounts binded proxy's but i am unable to check any account just runs and runs never times out or completes the task same applies to watch task. Can you please inform me if there is something not set up properly. thank you
2016/05/12 22:23:58
Hi, jgulick we have got your message, please wait patiently, thanks
2016/06/13 21:56:11

i am very disappointed with this software, this company.

this software not working all the time, every time you ask us to wait, wait for what ?

just waist our money, our time.

2016/06/14 05:02:12

Hey JackLien,

Sorry for that we let you wait for a moment. We just plan to respond to you later. Here is the solution.

You need to register the dll again. Please add our skype account: whitehatbox we can help you register it and check it for you.
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