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WhiteHatBox 2015/01/04 12:14:06 0 0
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Shane Greene-Butler 2021/01/18 03:44:23 0 0
Hi, I wanted to know does this software work with all smtp accounts?
Blaise Thompson 2020/12/29 04:57:36 0 0
Do you guys have a program that opens emails in bulk.. so I can send emails to myself and then I could open the emails by myselfrom random people
ST Grupo Riva 2020/07/11 00:04:49 0 0
Hi whitehat!I have a problem, I download this program for emailing, I was use the free code for sent all.I was sending the emails per 15 days without problems, but after one day to the next all the mails was failed, I'm interesting on suscribe me, could you get me a solution for this? ...
tenstiks 2017/11/07 14:08:49 0 0
this program won't run
Magiklair 2018/12/19 16:16:14 0 0
Hello,couple questions on this program. All Gmail relatedCan I use Gmail accounts and their servers to send email?If I can, could I use a certain email address I specify such as [email protected]?Gmail has a sending limit. am I able to set the program to say 300 emails per account?Do any of the other mailers that you offer a way to check and remove emails that Bounce?I would...
[email protected] 2018/08/28 20:18:10 0 0
Hey,I have a few questions on this software.1. How does the software work when importing duplicate emails? Will the software deny this or will it send the same email to the duplicate emails?2. The Schedule Sending option. Does this include a drip release of the emails and not all at once?3. What is...
almarkhy 2017/10/09 15:27:34 1 0
How to change the account name from the email to my name now when I send it's appear to recipient as [email protected] I want to make it appear as Xxxx   best regards
WhiteHatBox 2014/12/30 02:32:34 0 0
Please wait more details...
joefree 2015/12/03 11:03:35 0 0
Support,Email Send Master Elite downloads but will not install. All antivirus is off.It's on my dedicated server running Windows 2008.I have other email programs and applications are running OK, I started the WhiteHatBox app as admin, still just hangs on the install part, but never finishes.Please help. joefreeI sent a support ticket. Came here hoping find a solution....
iamprezjay 2015/01/12 09:48:41 1 0
I upgraded but i did not get any information like my serial number or product details. This is a scam right?
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